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What is Mediterranean Yoga® - Aurum Solis?

The Aurum Solis “Gold of the Sun” is a Mediterranean tradition that was first revealed to the public in 1897 and has been in continual operation.
Its heritage encompasses the greatest teachings and practices of the Western pre-Christian world. Through the gold chain of its Grand Masters and the power of its teachings, this unbroken lineage offers effective tools that can empower and improve your life on every level.

This traditional school is often called the “Yoga of the West” and since the Aurum Solis traces its heritage to pre-Christian traditions, which include ancient Greece and Egypt, we lovingly refer to it as “Mediterranean Yoga” (yoga meaning "to join" or "to unite"). The eight rays of the Glorious Star constitute its whole system.

The 10th Grand Master is Jean-Louis de Biasi, published author, philosopher, spiritual teacher and yoga teacher.

Today, the Aurum Solis is present all over the world and this platform is home to its vibrant community. This space is open to everyone! You can learn more about its trainings and the options to join the platform by scrolling down this page and sending us a message.

An International Vibrant Community

"Having an international community like the Aurum Solis - Mediterranean Yoga is invaluable because they care about you and about what you learn. If you don't have a real community, a real school and a direct lineage, you can't benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience." 

Juliana Larche, Humanist and Philanthropist

Hi There,

We're Jean-Louis and Patricia, Grand Master and Associate Grand Master of the Aurum Solis, a solar path that constitutes the core of "Mediterranean Yoga." Today, students, teachers and initiates are present all over the world. Teachings and trainings are offered in several languages. The direct lineage we have inherited represents a complete system of practices embracing the most important aspects of our life. We have been lucky to teach students from every continent throughout the years and verify the extraordinary effectiveness of this tradition.

With more than 35 years of experience, we have been wanting to give more opportunities to those fascinated by this physical, spiritual and initiatory heritage. We have been searching for a platform that allows our community to flourish away from big corporations like Facebook. This is now a reality, and we are thrilled by the possibilities!

Some of the reviews

"Very informative training. Even on a theme that I have been familiar with for more than 10 years, I have learned new techniques and a different way of approaching it. The teaching was interactive and the teacher was available and experienced." -- B.T.

"An amazing discovery! I always felt that yoga was not limited to Eastern Traditions and was able to teach a path of harmony between body, mind, soul and Mother Earth. I was thrilled to (re)discover the Mediterranean diet! So enjoyable, so wonderful, so natural!" -- Joan Curt.

"I thank you for this courage and love of unveil keys allowing men and women to adopt new methods that lead to success and joy." -- S.M.

A Solar Path

This comprehensive system dating back to the source of the Mediterranean tradition is offered by the heirs of the Aurum Solis lineage to help you achieve success and joy in this life and others.

- Introduction to Mediterranean Yoga – Aurum Solis:  An eight-week live training that explores and practices the eight rays of the tradition followed by a two-day weekend. The first initiation is the first step recommended in the discovery of Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis. It is often called “Pronaos” (the vestibule in an ancient Greek temple).

- Retreats are also organized in various countries or at our Retreat Center in Nevada (currently in development), which is a one hour drive from Las Vegas. They can also be organized on demand to other locations.

- Eight categories: Each category is a component of the whole tradition. Each one contains several modules. It is possible to specialize in one or a few of them, becoming a teacher, and receiving spiritual attunements/initiations in relation to this specialization.

The Eight rays

All of the categories shining from the Glorious Star constitute the full system of Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis. They are summarized as follows: 

  1. Movement and Workout: Our body is the foundation of our life. This category deals with the place and role of the body in the sacred path using asanas, physical exercises, purification, planetary movements, workouts, etc.

  2. Mindfulness: The mind should be clear and focused if we want to succeed and achieve a happy life. This category deals with concentration, awareness of the present, relaxation techniques, guided meditation, visualization, etc.

  3. Breathwork and Sacred Sounds: There are specific techniques of breathing that should be learned and mastered to achieve a more balanced life. Pronunciations of sacred sounds and words are also essential. This category includes also with overtones, sacred musical instruments, and more.

  4. Energy Healing and Mediterranean Diet: The "Mediterranean diet" is the only diet officially recognized by the American Heart Association and the only one that has been awarded by the UN. It is an essential part of the tradition that must be taught to reach a balanced and enjoyable life! Through the lineage of his Grand Master, Mediterranean Yoga integrates the heritage and lineage of the famous 19th century French school called “Eudiaque Order”. This organization’s tradition is focused on natural healing techniques that were once called animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism. These energies are fundamental and should be used during your practices and your daily life.

  5. Astrology: This category teaches both eastern and western astrology. The later dates back to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Our tradition has inherited these teachings and the specific ways to use them in our daily life.

  6. Devotion: Our relationship with Gods and Goddesses is an important part of our lives, even if we are not always aware of it. This category teaches the eastern and western techniques of what is known as Bhakti Yoga and Deity Yoga. However, it is not required by anyone practicing “Mediterranean yoga” to have a specific faith and a lot of students continue to enjoy being agnostics or even atheists.

  7. Theurgy: Theurgy is a Greek name meaning "divine-working." This category is equivalent to the eastern "Tantrism." It focuses on ritualistic practices and other psychic exercises. It is an essential component at the core of the tradition of Mediterranean Yoga. The advanced students in this curriculum are de facto members of what is known as “Stella Gloriosa.”

  8. Philosophy: This category teaches pre-Christian classical philosophies along with their equivalent in the eastern world. The embodiment of this philosophy and the practical exercises you can use will enlighten your life while avoiding delusion.

Relaxation et méditation guidée
- L'eau -

The Lineage

Click the image above or here to discover the lineage of our school.

What initiations are...

Bhakti Yoga - Deity Yoga

A Worldwide Community

We offer several ways for people to gather in a spirit of goodwill, truthfulness, dedication, humility, and brother/sisterhood. We have groups in several countries and this online community.

In Person
You can attend local meetings, workshops, weekends, and retreats. Many programs and activities are offered throughout the year.

No matter where you are located, you can join this multicultural community of enthusiastic friends, students and teachers walking on this spiritual path and sharing similar interests. You can register for the next eight-week Pronaos training and start your journey. You can attend local classes of meditation, breathing, relaxation, etc.
You can also join the community as a “Friend of the Aurum Solis” and begin to enjoy what is offered on this platform.

Any member of this online community, either Friend of the Aurum Solis, student, initiate, or teacher can access on this platform:

  • Live online programs, courses, and webinars 
  • Library access with free books and papers to support your study
  • Live Q&As with Jean-Louis de Biasi, Patricia Bourin and other teachers
  • Exclusive posts from masters and teachers from our tradition
  • Conversations that matter - join the online discussion in the main feed of the platform and the private spaces opened by categories and modules
  • Ask a spiritual question
  • Use the chat to start a direct discussion with another fellow student
  • Receive invitations to in-person seminars, workshops and trainings organized in various countries


Several trainings and courses are regularly offered to groups of students. They are organized by Jean-Louis and Patricia, or experienced teachers they have personally selected. Mentors teach these classes and following the progress of each student with enthusiasm and dedication.

Spiritual Assistance

A public spiritual assistance group is offered on the real planetary day of the Sun.

The spiritual practice uses the "gold chain" present all around the world to perform a simple and powerful action. It is held on Zoom. Anyone can request healing prayers. You are welcome to  join us in praying for others or start this sacred journey by joining the circle of friends, initiates and teachers. We thank you for sharing this invitation with your friends and on social media. We never know who is in need and can benefit from this action.

Click Here to Request a Spiritual Assistance

Next dates will be posted soon
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To Find "Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis"

Besides this online community, friends, students and teachers gather in various places such as:

- Public lectures, classes, workshops and spiritual services organized wherever is convenient.

- Mediterranean Yoga studios or other studios offer classes in meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, etc. along with teacher trainings, teachings, weekend and initiations.

- Retreat centers offer workshops, weekends and initiations and teacher certifications, as well as time for more advanced spiritual practices. Attending this type of retreat is a wonderful way to go forward in your quest and recharge your spiritual life. Retreat centers can be found in permanent locations including South Nevada (USA) and other retreat centers around the world.

Join the community below by becoming a Friend of the Aurum Solis or by registering for the next eight-week live training, the first step of this path! 

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