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Ritus ad Animal Familiare Liberandum Equipment and supplies: Sprig of evergreen, grave gifts (food, toys etc. that the animal enjoyed), libations (drinks the animal enjoyed in life, especially water), talking stick (optional, to be deposited in grave), incense, candles, flowers, etc. as desired. We come to bid farewell to ______. By Nature's sacred law, each life must end, So others may be born upon the earth. Each soul is made unique and lives awhile, Before returning to the womb from which All life is born. Although we all must die, We're always sad to wish a friend good-bye. [Make the Manus Cornuta;(Horned Hand: first and fourth fingers extended from fist) with right hand. Trace Invoking

A brief outline of the development of the Aurum Solis

Britain has through the centuries been renowned for Art Magick, from the days when the powers of the "Hyperboreans" were known to the Greeks: Michael Scott the wonderworker was received at the court of the Emperor Frederick II in Sicily: Roger Bacon, a Franciscan friar, was a renowned alchemist: Alexander Seton, another alchemist, was for his wide travels and international fame called the "Cosmopolite:" the "Wizard Earl of Northumberland" graced Tudor times, as also did John Dee and Edward Kelly, the alchemist and the seer to whom was revealed the Enochian Arcana: all these and many more, down to the founders of the modern magical movements, have worked along their distinctive lines, the mag

Aurum Solis - OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON Women’s access to contraception and abortion

According to the international working group of the International Organization Doctors Without Borders, March 2010, "Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality among women of reproductive age in the world. Women, especially those in developing countries, suffer disproportionately from unwanted pregnancies, complications during pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and other reproductive health problems." This leads us to reflect on a sensitive and important topic: contraception and abortion. It is difficult to separate these two aspects of women's health as, i

Symbol of the Great Work: the Raven

Animals appear in great numbers in Greek mythology. Following Greek poets, sculptors, historians, and philosophers who expressed, and reflected upon, their myths and stories, we know Aphrodite’s chariot was pulled by swans, Hecate was the mistress of dogs and hounds, Poseidon, the master of horses, and Zeus, the great shape-shifter, was associated with the eagle, the bull, the snake, etc. As many comparative studies of mythology demonstrate, these symbolic relationships between animals and divinities are far from being arbitrary; they speak through deeply rooted human ways of relating to nature, and to divinity. To approach the Gods and Goddesses, one can of course use offerings and perfumes

Looney Wines

Wouldn't it be cool to - in a rite - use a wine that has an old and strange history, is sparkling and yet has a much much older heritage than Champagne, looks silvery and cloudy and finally: is produced according to the Moon's cycles... Well, dream no longer: it is Clairette de Die 'methode dioise ancestrale'! While most of the world believes that Champagne is the 'original' sparkling wine, there actually is one much older. And it has an exiting story to tell... In the early middle ages, the wine makers in the Southern Rhône area (Dioise), the Northern Languedoc (Limoux) and the Eastern Dordogne (Gaillac) in France learned to make a sparkling wine by usings the special climate of those mount

Les Moires

D'après les épopées homériques, les Moires sont trois soeurs, Clotho, Lachésis et Atropos. Selon les versions, elles sont soit, filles de Zeus et de Thémis et soeurs des heures, soit filles de Nix, la nuit, appartenant ainsi à la première génération divine, celle des forces élémentaires du monde. On les trouve également asssociées à Tyché (le sort, la fortune) qui incarne une notion voisine. Ces trois soeurs règlent la durée de la vie, depuis la naissance, jusqu'à la mort. Le symbolisme utilisé est celui du tissage. Ainsi, Clotho tire le fil de la quenouille et commence à filer la destinée, dès le moment de la naissance. Lachésis tourne le fuseau et enroule le fil de l'existence. Atropos, qu

History of Enochian Magic - Part 1

With the reign of Elizabeth I, a vivid sense of new beginning and of new vigor came to England, and to London especially. Of this new vigor a dream of greatness was born, and men still famous for high art in words or hardihood in deeds came together to give form and substance to that dream: Marlowe, Shakespeare, Bacon and Spenser; Raleigh, Frobisher, Hawkins and Drake, with many another. In the material world, first the Renaissance and then the Reformation had each dug deeper than was immediately perceived (deeper than many people have even yet perceived), and to the bold thinker everything was thrown open to new question. At the same time, the age itself had its own mystique, derived inevit

Sunny Wines

Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing three rites in a row with two Brothers from abroad. For such a rare occasions I like to select a bottle of special wine, for use in the rites and afterwards for some relaxation with my visiting friends. The choice I was faced with, made me wonder: what wine is suitable for what rite? I ended up chosing a wine that has a special relationship with the sun: a Rivesaltes Tuilé from the south of France. This wine is 'born' as normal fortified wine: a wine to which alcohol was added during fermentation to halt the transformation of sugars into alcohol, so it stays sweet. But after this 'small transformation' has been halted, the true tranformation tak

Aurum Solis - Position officielle sur l’accès des femmes à la contraception et l’avortement

Selon le groupe de travail international de Médecin Sans Frontière, mars 2010, « les problèmes de santé sexuelle et reproductive (SSR) sont la cause la plus fréquente au monde de morbidité et de mortalité chez les femmes en âge de procréer. Les femmes, surtout celles des pays en voie de développement, souffrent de manière disproportionnée de grossesse non désirée, de complications pendant la grossesse et au moment de l'accouchement, de maladies sexuellement transmissibles (MST) dont le VIH, de violences sexuelles et sexistes (SGBV) et d'autres problèmes de santé reproductive ». Ceci amène à une réflexion sur un thème sensible et grave : la contraception et l’avortement Il est en effet diffic


- 3° partie - Le 26 juin de l'an 363 peut être considéré comme une date clef dans l'histoire de l'Empire romain. Ce jour-là, l'Empereur Julien, lors d'une escarmouche entre Romains et Perses, fut mortellement blessé par un javelot. L'événement se révéla très vite lourd de répercussions. CONSÉQUENCES DE LA DISPARITION DE JULIEN Rappelons quelques faits. Au IVe siècle, l'Empire était menacé à la fois en Orient, où les Perses assiégeaient régulièrement des villes frontalières, et en Occident, où les Germains avaient déjà profondément envahi et ravagé la Gaule. Créé César par l'Empereur Constance, Julien ramènera entièrement la paix et la prospérité en Gaule. Après être lui-même monté sur le trô

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