La experiencia numinosa y el arquetipo del Teophoros

Las experiencias numinosas conforman un grupo de experiencias espirituales que son descritas por aquellos que las viven como un tipo particular de experiencia cumbre espiritual. Por sus cualidades características y la función que cumplen en el proceso del desvelamiento espiritual, estas experiencias tienen un significado constructivo especial para el adepto e iniciado. Analizando la experiencia numinosa, podemos descubrir varias características distintivas: -La primera de ellas es que la experiencia numinosa irrumpe sin aviso, aparentemente ajena a toda causalidad, de forma imparable e incontenible. Característico de estas experiencias es, pues, el recibirlas en medio de la vida cotidiana, c

Foreword "Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis

As they say, that’s a good question but there is no established answer. A Foreword can accomplish anything the writer wants, but the one general criterion is that it is normally written by someone other than the author. I have my own ideas of what a Foreword should do. It should quickly and concisely forewarn the reader about what is really important in the book that follows, and especially anything that is radical, revolutionary or innovative. I warn you that what you are going to read about the Tarot will – or should if you are wide awake! – completely change your thinking about Tarot and your use of the Tarot deck. Most people don’t like change and few people are really wide awake. Most o

Tempio Malatestiano

"It is interesting to note that the dead body of Pletho was later exhumed by Sigismond Pandolfe Malatesta and taken to Rimini (near Venice in the Northeast of Italy). Today his body is in a sarcophagus which was interred in a wall of the Tempio Malatestiano. Malatesta was a friend of and under the direct protection of Pope Pius II. Hopefully it is clear why this repatriation was an important symbol for the Ogdoadic Tradition. In order to set the sarcophagus into the stone, Malatesta had to make sweeping renovations in this ancient Gothic church. The task required the construction of an entrance, including a triangular pediment in the antique style, as well as two symbolic vertical columns on

Correspondences of the Aurum Solis Tarot

Psychology: Classification by the Tarot Trumps Gaia Stability (achieve stability on the material and spiritual levels) Complete (help you to complete old, unfinished projects) Unfinished projects (help you to complete unfinished projects) Old projects (help you to complete old, unfinished projects) Pontos Modern attributions: High Priestess Discerning (having difficulties in discerning the hidden elements of a problem or situation) Hidden elements (having difficulties in discerning the hidden elements of a problem or situation) Problem (having difficulties in discerning the hidden elements of a problem or situation) Emotions (when you need to let go of certain emotions, entanglements, or sit

Sacred Names of the Aurum Solis Tarot

MAJOR ARCANA Aether Atziluth: (Top of the Arcanum) Athanatos, Iskuros Assiah: (Bottom of the Arcanum) Aether Aphrodite (Venus) Atziluth: (Top) Albaphalana Briah: (Right) Zothalmios - Alale Yetzirah: (Left) Amerophes Assiah: (Bottom) Aphrodite Aphrodite (2nd Aspect) (Taurus) Atziluth: (Top) Albaphalana Briah: (Right) Koresus Yetzirah: (Left) Aristeus Assiah: (Bottom) Aphrodite Apollon Atziluth: (Top) Azoth Briah: (Right) Harmakon Yetzirah: (Left) Nete Assiah: (Bottom) Apollo Ares (Mars) Atziluth: (Top) Sabao Briah: (Right) Doryxenos - Rutor Yetzirah: (Left) Kasartes Assiah: (Bottom) Ares Ares (2nd Aspect) (Scorpio) Atziluth: (Top) Sabao Briah: (Right) Bathonaos Yetzirah: (Left) Meseron Assiah

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