Ascent toward Beauty

Theology is the “Study of God(s).” This is also known as the “Erotic Ascent,” in which the power of Love and Desire (Erôs), directed toward Beauty, raises the soul toward the Beauty of The One. This way is well described in Plato’s book called “Symposium.”
The first step of this path is Epicurism. Every spiritual and Theurgic work is based on the premise of “being here and now” without renouncing our bodies. Consequently, our Tradition recognizes that the quest of Beauty, Harmony and the ability to enjoy balanced pleasures in our daily life, are the foundations of true inner stability.
The study of the nature and life of Gods and Goddesses is another aspect of theology.
Practice of devotion (composed of prayers, hymns, meditation, contemplation, offerings, religious rituals and celebrations, etc.) is the main axis of this essential part of the Ogdoadic Tradition.