Ascent toward Beauty

The aim of the Theurgic art is the "purification, liberation and salvation of the soul" through the divine acts of sacred rites. 
These ineffable Theurgic rites were praised by Proclus as "a power higher than all human wisdom, embracing the blessings of prophecy and the purifying powers of initiation."

Theurgy as expounded predominantly by the divine Iamblichus of Chalcis, Proclus the Platonic Successor and in the Chaldean Oracles attributed to Julianus the Theurgist.

Theurgy (Also called "High Magick") is the heart of the Ogdoadic Tradition which is know today as Aurum Solis. 
The Golden Chain of the initiates of this Tradition maintained this Great Mysteries until today. This lineage sometimes called "Pyhtagorean succession," continues to initiate sincere people to the highest degree of this famous system.