Design of the official Seal of the Order

TA Greek cross with arms of equal length is on the center of an octagon. An eight-pointed star surrounds the octagon. This figure is commonly known in geometry as an octagram or eight-angled star polygon. The design is commonly used with various colors.



First of all we must explain that this is the official symbol of Ordo Aurum Solis. It is a simple task to prove that this is true, for it is evident in both the history of the Order and in the writings of our past Grand Masters, where we find the first use of this precise design as the original Seal of the Order. This Seal and names is officially transmitted by documents from the past Grand Master to the current grand Master. No one may use  this Seal in any form without our authorization. If anyone uses the Seal on an Internet web site with our authorization, then the symbol must include a special note in the code of the page and a link to our web site. If anyone uses this symbol in a book, or in any form of writing or inscribing or copying with permission, they must include a special  note that indicates the origin of this symbol and the web address of our Order. The use of this Seal without the express authorization of our Order, in ANY form is express evidence of the dishonesty of the person who is using it. Our Order will take legal action it becomes necessary because the offense is not corrected.


Presence of our symbol

From ages past, up to and including our modern era, our seal has been known all over the world. The enduring quality of this symbol is reliable evidence of its universal character.
The appearance of the seal varies somewhat: sometimes it appears as shown, with exactly the same interlacing, and sometimes with an eight pointed star. Our presentation on this page shows different representations, from various places around the world. As time passes, we will continue to add photos from our archives so that you may see the importance of this symbol to people around the world.


The design of symbolic tools from the Aurum Solis, Ogdoadic Tradition is specific and has been described in books, on this website, and private publications. The colors may vary according to circumstance.



The design of symbolic tools from the Aurum Solis that have been published can be made by anyone eager to experiment the public rituals. However the property rights remain to Aurum Solis and any tool or symbol cannot be reproduced or sold without express authorization.  When such magical tools and symbols have been published in a book, both authorizations from the Aurum Solis and the publisher are required. If necessary, the Aurum Solis will take all legal actions necessary to protect its property rights.