Ecclesia Ogdoadica

The Ecclesia Ogdoadica is a branch of our Tradition aiming at the cultivation and transmission of the religious aspects coming from the ancient Hermetic spirituality.

During the Italian Renaissance, a Byzantine philosopher by the name of Gemistus Pletho traveled to Florence and transmitted to a few philosophers many aspects of the Hermetic Tradition. He himself was the inheritor of Mediterranean mystical religions anterior to Christianity. He wrote a book entitled The Book of Laws in which he gave precise information on the rites, traditions, and teachings of the ancient Mysteries. Some of his writings were burnt by the Inquisition. Luckily for us, he had already transmitted his authority and knowledge to the chiefs of the newly founded Platonic Academy of Florence, itself under the protection of Cosimo de Medici.

This transmission saved the religious and spiritual succession of Gemistus Pletho. The Ecclesia Ogdoadica has been reorganized within the Aurum Solis to practice and study this religious tradition which is called today paganism. Of course, paganism is a vast word. In our case, it is the religion that was practiced by the Hermetists, theurgists, and Neoplatonists. 


The Priests and Priestesses of the Ecclesia Ogdoadica are initiates of the Aurum Solis who decided to follow this religious path. They perform religious ceremonies such as weddings, blessings, the consecration of a house or family altar, divination, liturgy, for them, but also for the benefice of their brothers and sisters. They can also use the power of these ceremonies to their close family, even if the family is not initiated.

Main purposes of the Ecclesia Ogdoadica

We should remind that this branch is open to the initiate companions after some months of work on the curriculum.

Among the purposes we can highlight the following:

- Bring a sense of reverence, respect, and  worship to our interactions with the Immortal Divinities and Mysteries.
- Help each practitioner develop abiding tolerance for others, moment to moment, each and every day.
- Promote and practice the ideals of the Hermetic Religion known as the “Ecclesia Ogdoadica” through worship.
- Strive for spiritual richness and human excellence, by assimilating the values taught in the Holy Hermetic Scriptures and practicing them in daily life.
- Learn and research on the Holy Hermetic Scriptures which are: the Corpus Hermeticum (Corpus of Hermes, which contains the Corpus Hermeticum itself, the Writings of Asclepius and some of the Fragments of Writings by Stobaeus), and the Chaldean Oracles. All these documents are presented in the translation validated by the E.O. (As archeological and scholarly research uncovers more ancient texts bearing on this topic, more texts from the Hermetic Tradition may be added to the major Corpus). 
- Perform necessary religious services and ceremonies (weddings, worship services, house blessings, etc.)
- Develop, foster and teach respect for all men and women regardless of ethnicity, color, creed, social status, sexual orientation or physical ability.