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What is the Aurum Solis?

The Aurum Solis “Gold of the Sun” is a Mediterranean mystery school revealed to the public in 1897.
Its heritage encompasses the greatest teachings and practices of the pre-Christian world. Through the gold chain of the Grand Masters and the power of its initiations, this unbroken lineage offers effective tools that can empower and improve your life on every levels.
The 8 rays of the Glorious Start constitutes the whole system we can call "Mediterranean Yoga" (Yoga meaning "to join," "to unite").
In 2020, the heritage and lineage from the famous French school of "animal magnetism," "spiritual magnetism," and "natural healing" called "Eudiaque Order" was included in the Aurum Solis.

Today, the Aurum Solis is present all over the world and this platform is home to its vibrant community. This space is open to everyone, women, and men. You can learn more about its trainings and the options to join the platform scrolling down this page.

An International Vibrant Community

"Having an international community like the Aurum Solis is invaluable because they care about you and about what you learn. If you don't have a real community, a real school, and a direct lineage you can't benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience." 

Juliana Larche, Humanist and Philanthropist

Hi There,

We're Jean-Louis and Patricia, Grand Master and Associate Grand Master of the Aurum Solis, a solar Mediterranean tradition. Today, students and initiates are present all over the world. Teachings and trainings are offered in several languages. The direct lineage we have inherited represents a complete system of practices embracing the most important aspects of our life. We have been lucky to teach students from every continent along the years and verify the extraordinary effectiveness of this tradition.

We have always wanted to give more opportunities to everyone fascinated by this physical, spiritual, and esoteric heritage. With more than 35 years of experience, working on the internet since its creation, we were looking for a platform allowing our community to flourish away from big corporations such as Facebook. This is now a reality, and we are thrilled by the possibilities!

Some of the reviews

"Very informative training. Even on a theme that I have been familiar with for more than 10 years, I have learned new techniques and a different way of approaching it. The teaching was interactive and the teacher available and experienced." B.T.

"I thank you for this courage and love of unveil keys allowing men and women to adopt new methods that lead to success and joy." S.M.

A Solar Path

This comprehensive system dating back to the source of the Mediterranean tradition is offered by the heirs of the Aurum Solis lineage to help you achieving success and joy in this life and the others.

- Introduction to the 8 rays of the Solar Path – A eight-week live training in small group exploring and practicing the 8 rays of the tradition followed by a 2-day weekend and the 1st initiation is the first step recommended to discover our honorable tradition.

- Retreats are also organized in various country or at our Retreat Center in Nevada, one hour drive from Las Vegas. (They can also be organized on demand to other locations)

- 8 modules and specific specializations – Each module is a component of the whole tradition. It is possible during the training to specialized in one of them, become a teacher, and receive spiritual attunements/initiations.

The 8 rays

All the modules shining from the Glorious Star constitute the full system of the Aurum Solis. They can be summarized as follows: 

  1. Movement and Workout: Soma (the body) is the foundation of our life. This module deals with the place and role of the body in the sacred path, relaxation techniques, physical exercises, purification, planetary movements, etc.

  2. Mindfulness: Mind should be clear and focus if we want to succeed and achieve a happy life. This module deals with concentration, awareness of the present, visualization, guided meditation, etc.

  3. Breathwork & Sacred Sounds: There are specific techniques of breathing that must be learnt and mastered. Pronunciations of sacred sounds and words are also essential. This module deals also with overtones, sacred musical instruments, and more.

  4. Energy healing & Mediterranean Diet: Energy healing & Mediterranean Diet: This module deals with Animal magnetism also known as mesmerism. These energies are fundamental and should be used either during your practices and your daily life. "Mediterranean Diet" is the only diet officially recognized by the American Heart Association and the only one that has been awarded by the UN. This is an essential part of the Tradition that must be taught to reach a balanced and enjoyable life!

  5. Astrology: Western Astrology dates back to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Our tradition has inherited this teaching and the specific way to use it in your daily life.

  6. Devotion: Our relationship with Gods and Goddesses is an important part of our life, even if we are not always aware about it. This ray teaches the western techniques known in the Eastern tradition as Bhakti Yoga and Deity Yoga.

  7. Theurgy: Theurgy is a Greek name meaning "divine-working." This ray focus on the ritualistic dimension and can be compared to the Eastern "Tantrism." It is an essential component at the heart of this Tradition.

  8. Philosophy: Our pre-Christian tradition is rooted in the greatest philosophies of the world. The embodiment of this philosophy and the practical exercises you can use will enlighten your life while avoiding delusion.

A worldwide community

We offer several ways for people to gather in a spirit of goodwill, truthfulness, dedication, humility, and brotherhood. We have groups in several countries and this online community.

In person
You can attend local meetings, workshops, weekends, and retreats. Many programs and activities are offered throughout the year.

No matter where you are located, you can join right now this multicultural community of enthusiast friends, sisters and brothers walking on this spiritual path and sharing similar interests. You can register to the 8-week Pronaos training and start your journey.
You can also join the community as “Friend of the Aurum Solis” and begin to enjoy what is offered on this platform.

Any member of this online community, either Friend of the Aurum Solis, Student, lnitiate, or Teacher can access on this platform:

  • Access to the "Daily Journal", offering all the real dates of the traditional Mediterranean calendars along with daily meditations, visualizations, prayers, and practices.
  • Live Online Programs, courses, and webinars - Organized or selected by the Grand Officers of the Aurum Solis, you can start your training at anytime
  • Library access - Free books and papers to support your study
  • Live Q&As with Jean-Louis de Biasi, Patricia Bourin, and other teachers where you can get your questions answered
  • Exclusive posts by masters and teachers from our Tradition
  • Conversations that matter - Join the online discussion in the main feed of the platform and the private spaces opened by modules and levels
  • Ask a spiritual question
  • Use the chat to start a direct discussion with another fellow student
  •  Be invited to in-person seminars, workshops, trainings organized in various countries


Several trainings and courses are regularly offered to groups of students. They are organized by Jean-Louis and Patricia or experienced teachers they have personally selected. Mentors are teaching these classes and following the progress of each student with enthusiasm and dedication.

Spiritual assistance

The public bi-monthly spiritual assistance group is offered by our school on the real planetary day of the Sun.
The spiritual practice uses the "gold chain" present all around the world to perform a simple and powerful action. It is hold on zoom. Anyone can request healing prayers. You are welcome to just join us in helping others or start this sacred journey by joining the circle of friends, initiates, and teachers. We thank you for sharing this invitation with your friends and on your social medias. We never know who is in need and can benefits from this action.

Click Here to Request a Spiritual Assistance

Next dates are: April 9 and April 23 - 6:00PM-PST 
(You should click on the dates above to attend to the meeting. You can calculate your local time by clicking here)

Why struggle alone? 

We are stronger and more effective when we learn from an authentic school empowered by a true lineage and a long experience.

It is true that a solitary spiritual work is possible. However, we don’t know how long our life will last. Time is precious so are friendship and brotherhood. A tradition such as the Aurum Solis, can help you to reach faster real results while avoiding loneliness and delusion. Success in your material and spiritual life can be achieved more easily when you are part of a vibrant family.

Aurum Solis is offering a safe environment to learn all the aspect of the Mediterranean traditions, be initiated, and for some become teachers. 

Workshop in Dallas

Join Jean-Louis de Biasi, Grand Master of the Aurum Solis and Patricia Bourin, Associate Grand Master for a 2-day workshop.

Dallas, TX, USA, June 3-5, 2022

Click here to learn more

To find "Aurum Solis"

Besides this online community, friends, students, and teachers gather in various places such as:

- Teaching centers or public locations offer lectures, classes, workshops, and spiritual services. They hold these meetings wherever is convenient.

- Studios offer classes, trainings, teachings, 2-day weekend with initiation(s) to those who have started the solar path.

- Retreat Centers offer workshops, weekends with initiation(s), teacher certifications, and time for more advanced spiritual practices. Attending such retreat is a wonderful way to go forward in your quest and recharge your spiritual life. Retreats centers can be found in permanent locations such as South Nevada (USA) or other retreat centers around the world.

Your Free Book

The free book “Aurum Solis; A Mediterranean Mystery School” is being finalized and will be released at the June solstice 2022. It will be available in Kindle or printed book on Amazon, Scribd and other Internet platform. You will learn more about the history of the Mediterranean Yoga, the lineage, and each aspect of its system. Original documents are provided along with a full presentation of the process to start this solar path, become a student, a teacher, and more.

Join the community below by becoming Friend of the Aurum Solis or by registering for the next 8-week live training called "Pronaos," first step of this path! 

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