Leon Barcynski

Leon Barcynski was the 9th Grand Master.

At the death of Vivian Godfrey, on March 23rd 1997, Leon Barcynski becomes the 9th Grand Master.

This is the first time Leon Barcynski becomes the head of the Order.

During the 6 years between 1997 and 2003, a lot of things will happen. We present these episodes on the page dedicated to this Grand Master.

To summarize one controversial episode, he disbands all North American Commanderies of Aurum Solis. The Grand Commandery of Athlit (U.K.) and the Commandery of the Light of Byzantium (France) are the only ones which continue to operate under the name "Aurum Solis." 

Learn more about Leon Barcynski very soon


January 2007

In the last few months of 2006, our beloved past Grand Master Osborn Phillips has received and read various ambiguous texts and declarations written by a few past initiates of our Order who left our Order and Tradition and are working outside of Aurum Solis and Tradition. This is for example the case of the group called “Astrum Sophiae.”
He considers it possible that some of these writings may not be very easy for the public to understand, so he wants to be sure that our writings make it very clear what the reality is concerning the line, Tradition and authority of our Order. In this way, all will be clear, and we can happily hear the voices of our past Grand Master





Let it be known that the sole successor to myself as Grand Master of the Order Aurum Solis is Jean-Louis de Biasi, who alone holds absolute authority and all rights in and for the Order, who alone has knowledge of the higher mystical degrees of Aurum Solis and who alone is spiritually capable of establishing an Adeptus Plenus according to the intent, rites and inner plane contacts of the Aurum Solis.
Jean-Louis de Biasi is also sole heir to the archival material of Aurum Solis, including the entire documentation of Societas Rotae Fulgentis.   


At sundry times, charters of succession from Aurum Solis have been delivered to various individuals (such as Simon Tamenec* and William Stoltz), entitling their recipients to establish autonomous Orders of the Ogdoadic Tradition and to proclaim initiatory descent from the Aurum Solis; but, and specifically, neither establishing them as Aurum Solis nor giving them any rights or authority within or for the Order Aurum Solis.
Those in receipt of such charters are, by the gift, able to confer valid regular degrees of initiation within the Ogdoadic Tradition, up to the rank of Adeptus Minor, but are not able to confer these degrees as spiritually valid within or for the Order Aurum Solis. Furthermore, because the keys and ceremonies necessary to establish an Adept as an Adeptus Plenus (or Full Adept) have never been imparted to any person other than Jean-Louis de Biasi, those in receipt of charters are unable to establish any person as an Adeptus Plenus according to the ceremonies, intent and inner plane contact of the Order Aurum Solis.
Osborne Phillips
Past Grand Master - 1 January 2007

*  Let it be known that Simon Tamenec and the line which he represents joined definitively the Order of Aurum Solis in 2003, giving their documents and Charter to Jean-Louis DE BIASI and the Ordo Aurum Solis.