Members of the Aurum Solis are working  in the following countries and on Internet

Argentina, Australia, Barhein, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil (+ Internet in Portuguese), Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Columbia, Congo R.D. (Goma 2 Houses + Kinshasa - Kisangani), Congo-Brazzaville (Pointe noire), France, Greece, Guiana, Gabon, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Ivory coast (Abidjan), Kenya, Latvia, Malawi, Martinique, Mauritania, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sauda Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Togo, United Kingdom (+ Internet in English), Ukraine, USA. 
Houses Internet (Three International Houses meet online with studies and live rituals: English, Portuguese, and Spanish).

In Bold, countries with Houses established. Other countries may have Houses that will open soon.

Some places where you can be trained in our Tradition or meet other students.
Please note, that this map is regularly updated.

Local structures

There are two kinds of local groups in the Aurum Solis:

1- Pronaos groups: These groups give to the Pronaos student the opportunity to meet regularly with an initiate member.

2- Houses: This is the formal structure where the initiates of the Order meet, perform their ritual work and initiations. Each House has a specific name which is known only to the initiates, to preserve the power of its egregore.

International and National Structures


- The governing authority of the Order of the Aurum Solis is called the Collegium Cathedrarum, College of Thrones, or Council of the Star. It is composed of the Grand Master, assisted by the Associate Grand Master (also bearing the titles: General Administrator - Grand Chancellor), of the Grand Scholarch, of the Grand Telestes, and four other Grand Officers. These eight Grand Officers are therefore the governing authority of the Internal Order named Stella Gloriosa

- Grand Counselors are in charge of a group of countries, or a linguistic group. They ensure the proper functioning of the spiritual family constituted by the Order through good communication between the initiates, the Houses and the Collegium Cathedrarum.


- National Counselors are in charge of a country.
- The Magus is the Officer in charge of a House. All the Magi of the Order constitute a Council of the Magi.

- Grand Counselors, National Counselors, and Magi receive a specific consecration linked to their function.

- The Houses are managed by four officers that are nominated for a specific number of years.