What do you know about Hermes?

Probably, the first thing that you will thought or you'll read in any general document of Classical Mithology, is the better known about Hermes. That is that:

“Hermes is the son of Zeus and the Pleyade Maya. He ascended to the Olympus with a very clever strategy, and He became the messenger of his father and the God of thieves and merchants. Also you will think of Hermes as the God associated with the Mercurial influences of the ruler planet of communication and travel”.

Okay, all this is correct, but it is only a superficial mask of the attractive costume of this God. Hermes is the founder of the Hermetic traditions as the Ordo Aurum Solis. Therefore, we invite you to elaborate a little more deep on the discovery of our beloved God.

Homer tells in his hymn, "Oh Hermes, of the multiple wit, you that have showed your valorous deeds to the Immortal Gods and to mortals [...] You who saved Ares and Zeus in the war against Giants [. ..] With your strength and cunning, You killed Argos (Argicida) [...]". Other multiple texts indicate that several heroes were succored by Hermes as Perseus, Odysseus or Orestes, as well as various gods...

In the Hellenistic tradition, and in the classical Greek village, Hermes shows an even deeper mask: Hermes is who is called in all the funerals, being a pastor of souls, guide of the shadows (along with Hecate, another psycopompe that opens the gates of the underworld to who Hermes "gives its sweet final "). Hermes accompanies Persephone to the underworld, and only He is able to "wake up" to those who "have fallen asleep." He is Lord of Magic, languages, the one who rules over the words and the communication, and therefore with Apollo, sponsors of all written arts. He is a master in the art of eloquence and cunning, an inventor and magician, who is also a scientist. Hermes is the lord of the Gyms, to Him the marathons are dedicated, same as traveling and border changes. Therefore, the knowledge of Hermes as the God of thieves who has come to our days, is just one of the many masks that exist before the face of God. (to be continued)

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