So, who is Hermes in really?

It is say that Hermes has reborn with His memory intact (because Mnemosine, Goddess of the Memory is His godmother), and thanks to His cunning and knowledge, when it was just a newborn, concocted a perfect strategy to get Zeus let him become an Olympic God (right that His mother resignate). And, indeed that in a few days Hermes got its purpose:

According to the classical texts, Hermes convinced the moon to that night She get out twice, thus lets Hermes being able to steal their cattle to Apollo, and later to create the first meat-sacrifice to the Olympic Gods. Then Hermes force Apollo to make His judgment on the Olympus. In that trial, Hermes charmed the Olympic Gods with their songs and art ... And so the Great Zeus made Him an Olympic God.

The Knowledge in magic of Hermes are validated, when according to the old texts: He knew the magic antidote against the wizardry of Circe, saving Ulysses to become an animal. He also helped Jason with their knowledge in magic, against Medea. His eyes turned into fire, frightened Apollo, giving to Hermes time enough to apply his magic to create enchanted roots that paralyze the Solar God when He was going to punish His stepbrother for stealing Apollo's cattle. So, with Apollo framework in the magical roots, Hermes was able to use His lyre to amaze and convince Apollo to take Him to Zeus, the father of both, so that, the Great Zeus was who will judge Hermes for their actions on The Olympus ... Obviously, not all these stratagems whose only to becoming just a God Messenger, but to carry His Mysteries to the Olympus. The Initiatic Mysteries that Hermes hermetically closed under His mask.

But, which are those Mysteries?

Indeed the alchemists, Hermetic and ceremonial magicians base their teachings on the Initiatic Mysteries of the Great Hermes, a God of multiple wit that is hidden under the mask of messenger and god of thieves and businesses...

As a Olympic God, and for the Greek/Hellenistic people, Hermes was a lover of Aphrodite, and some suggest that the wings of Eros are an inheritance from His real father, Hermes. But something more than being the father of the Love and movement-God is hidden under His mask...

In Greece itself, but in its pre- "being the son of Zeus"- life, our masked God was a God of Fertility and Pastures, titles later inherits by His son Pan (another Masked God that some Magical Traditions follow). That's why the Hermas represent the face of Hermes (and sometimes Dionysus, another masked God) and an enormous phallus, referring to the fertilizing power of Hermes.

But going further back in time, and in Samothrace, Hermes was something much more than the famous Hermes known by the Greek people.

Hermes is one of the Kabiros (or Caberoi), and in that place, possibly, He was not a masked God. As Carl Karl Kerenjy indicates in his 2 trials about Hermes and about the Kaberoi, Hermes is one of 6 Caberoi: He could be the Son that overthrows His father, and the Kabirio of the Mysteries:

In the Mysteries of Samothrace, the Kabirios are the Immortals Deities of Regeneration: The Daughter becomes Mother, and the Mother in the Ancient Crone that later reborn as a daughter. The son, in turn, overthrows his father, and he becomes in the Father who will be overthrown by his son, becoming at the time in the Lord of the Underworld, before it becomes reborn again as a Son.

This is the Samotracian version of the recurring Mysteries of eternal life and it´s renew by the regeneration of life with the death. In these mysteries, Hermes ends the regeneration cycles to achieve for all the Kabirios the Static Immortality: To achieve this, Hermes designed a strategy in which the Son is not to overthrow his father to handcuff her mother, but it has to get another wife: creating a fourth pair of Cabirios. Therefore the Cabirios decide to choose the only winged Damon, Angelos, as his consort. Thus, the cabirios consecrate Angelos making her reborn as the Cabiria of the Mysteries, Angelos (Aka Hecate), which will be the consort of the Cabirio of the Mysteries, Hermes.

According to the traditions of Samothrace, Hermes and Hecate beget several children, including Eleusis (and do go with the masks of Eleusis and the Eleusinian mysteries of Life and Death!!). Hermes and Hecate were therefore the Kabirios (Apparently gods unmasked) of the Mysteries and Magic.

Are those Mysteries who so zealously Hermes (and Hecate) encloses under their hermetic masks?

Possibly it is that Kabirio the God who Hermes hides under His mask, and are this Mysteries that associate Hermes with Alchemy, with the Great Thoth and with Anubis (Hermanubis of Alejandria), the mysteries that make Hermes-Thoth the Three Times Great (Trimegistus)... The Mysteries, Powers and caberoi's Teachings that founded the complete Hermetic Initiatic and mysteric.

Salve Hermes!!!


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