Almost all cultures, religions and myths have their own “Masked Gods Masked”, Gods that for most of the people appear to be one thing, but they really are a great another… and only those who can “See” can be aware of it.

Hermes, Thoth, Dionysus, Pan, Isis and Osiris, Persephone ... They are examples of masked Gods. They are known under a series of epithets or titles as a messenger, God of thieves, writer, God of the wine and the parties, etc ... tittles that enclose a Sacred Teaching, a Mystery only for the “Enlightened “... but ...

Why masked Gods exist??

The Mysteries of the Immortals Gods should not be accessible to everyone same as you cannot get to know in one lifetime the Mysteries of all the Gods. Therefore, the Great Gods contain their powerful and attractive Mysteries under masks not so attractive, so that only the seeker, the “Sincere searcher”, who truly his/her soul vibrates with the essence of the God and feel "attracted" and "blinded" by the God (not by Its Mysteries), can truly hear the real call of the God and, after a time of dedication and relationship, begin to discover what does the God encloses behind His mask.

This can be shown with a couple of myths of Classical Culture and one of the Egyptian:

- On the one hand, in the myth of the birth of Dionysus, Semele asks Zeus to be revealed in all its glory and splendor, (because Hera has sown doubt in Semele about the intentions of God for her, and wants to meet Zeus really, without a mask). Zeus agrees and after that, Semele not only is blinded, but she dies burned by the revealed Power of God. (Therefore Zeus should incorporate Dionysus in Zeus leg, to make that the "Son of God" can develop and be born as God.

- On the other hand, in part of Eros and Psyche Myth, Eros tells his beloved that she can get from him whatever she wants, except look at him and contemplate him (when he is naked, with her, without a mask). We can say that Psyche, because of the curiosity of seeing the God without mask, is tempted to see his "mystery" and thus loses the right to be with Him...

So if we all know the mystery of God himself, if we let ourselves be blinded by It, we would be lost and blinded. That’s why the Gods are masked; so that only those who reach to the God are who really vibrate in harmony to the God. Then, gradually, He will go when disclosing its secrets, unmasked and enlighten the one who reach, as Osiris did with Isis did.

Isis was a Priestess of Osiris, who came to Him not wanting to discover His Mysteries, but because her soul really vibrated his soul vibrated in tune with the God. So much Isis could penetrate the veils of Osiris, through devotion and deep love, that she get to know His real name, His more powerful and secret mystery. Thus, Isis came to see Osiris unmasked, without a veil, and thus, she acquired so much power over Osiris, which he became Isis in His wife in an Immortal Goddess and Her consort.

Of course, the myth of Osiris and Isis as rulers of the Egyptian Pantheon is itself a mask. This mask contains the Mysteries of Life, the Death and the regenerated Life of both deities.

Happy Masquerade!

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