Aurum Solis - OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON Women’s access to contraception and abortion

According to the international working group of the International Organization Doctors Without Borders, March 2010, "Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality among women of reproductive age in the world. Women, especially those in developing countries, suffer disproportionately from unwanted pregnancies, complications during pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and other reproductive health problems."

This leads us to reflect on a sensitive and important topic: contraception and abortion.

It is difficult to separate these two aspects of women's health as, in fact, a well-managed contraception usually avoids an abortion.

Several local and international associations and organizations are fighting daily to give women access to healthcare that will keep them healthy.

These organizations are mostly dependent on subsidies and therefore do not have unlimited autonomy of resources. The nurses and doctors who work for them must also face the beliefs, the established order, and the weight of some traditions.

Furthermore, access to care is vital for women at the gynecological level, so that they can decide a pregnancy, to protect themselves from sexual infections and have the option of abortion if they wish so. For this, they must have access to information and education. This is also about individual freedom, whether if they are single or they have a partner.

On the initiative of Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde), an appeal was signed in 2014 by 420 doctors around the world so « That women, everywhere, have the right to have control over their bodies and may no longer be subjected to abortions that kill and maim ».

Since January 25th, 2016, abortion is recognized by the United Nations as a human right. However, nearly half of the abortions in the world are illegally carried out in dangerous conditions. And the facts show that prohibiting voluntary termination of pregnancy does not prevent women from resorting to it; it often forces them to use clandestine and risky procedures.

Therefore, the Collegium Cathedrarum of the Order of Aurum Solis support:

- Access for all women to healthcare, contraception and abortion, regardless of their origin, family situation or age, in a safe and legal manner.

- Access to information on contraception and abortion. This access to information comes from education, of girls as well as boys.

- That women can freely choose abortion which is not a crime, the soul being incarnated only after birth.

Our Tradition, our philosophy cannot accept that the most fundamental rights be thus denied to women, our sisters.

Aurum Solis - Copyright 2017

Pour le Collegium Cathedrarum de l’Ordo Aurum Solis

Août 2017

Jean-Louis de Biasi – G.M.

Patricia Bourin – A.G.M.

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