Song of Praise

Divination is an essential part of the use of the Aurum Solis Tarot. The Song of Praise provided below in its full form is used in many rites of divination. Two of them are given here on the website. Other information can be found in the booklet that can be downloaded from this website.

Aether “Wind of the Spirit, radiant Holy Pinacle! Life of the living, evanescent breath. Your Glory is eternal and your passing presence is felt by all. Go, announce the return of the wanderers!”

Aphrodite (Venus) “Doorway of vision fulfilled, bringer of dreams, forth to adventuring, sacred to thee are the red portals of dawn, sacred the emerald gates of the jubilant spring, Mother of deeds manifest, multiform: Mother of destiny!”

Aphrodite (2nd Aspect) (Taurus) “Votary steadfast as stone, ardent as flame, stanchion of unity, Kin to that spirit divine fixed in the sun, self-spending, bountiful, Life of the fosterling worlds! So standest thou, pontifex-sacrifice, changeless fidelity!”

Apollo “Zephyr, or Boreas wild: which is thy breath, what is thy purposing? Storm-flash or clear morning-rise, under what guise, hail we thy countenance? Twain are the serpents of power, twain the august Thummim of prophecy: Twofold thy praises be!”

Ares (Mars) “Play of the Breath and the Word, Life and the Law, counterchange intricate weaving the ground of our days: this is our strength, this is our jeopardy. Spirit oracular, tell: knowledge and love, will they keep unity, or, opposed, shatter us?”

Ares (2nd Aspect) (Scorpio) “Nearest the heart of the seas watches the Fish, shimmering, nacreous, Moving with pulse of the tides, gliding far down under their turbulence, Crossing the fathomless caves, threading the lost hulls of the argosies—Shadow inscrutable!”

Artemis “Stone of the Patriarch's dream, pillow austere couching the wanderer, while between heaven and earth glorious Shapes came and went ceaselessly: Hail to thee, Gate of the Worlds, column unhewn set for memorial, pointing the Arrow-road!”

Athena “High and victorious, hail! Scarlet-bedraped, windows are thronged for thee, thee to behold, who behold'st but to achieve, victor who conquerest bBut to make whole, to fulfil: judge who sees truth! Hail, thou whose gonfanon leads the year's pageantry!”

Demeter “Youth everlasting art thou, timeless as light going forth silently, prince of the ripening grain, hand that creates, changes and fecundates, touching the stars that they blaze, touching the vast whorls of the nebulae, siring forth galaxies!”

Eros “Shining O Fire in thy strength, laughing in flames rushing to heavenward, sharp is thy tooth to devour all things of earth, all things transmutable, winning them into thine own force incorrupt, turning them hiddenly, back to their principles!”

Gaia “Earth, dark and pungent, bring to life the rich ears of corn, the food of mankind! Deep rumbling, fear of every creature, rocks break the feet of wandering pilgrims, your fruits feed us, we salute You, humid earth of the origin!”

Helios “Rise in thy splendor, O King! Glorious brow, gaze on thy governance, gladdening all who behold! Soaring as song, rule and illuminate: Crysoleth gleaming thy crown, rise and inspire, Lion-gold, Falcon-flight, Joyous, ambrosial!”

Hephaestus “Lash of the Winds be thou named, waking the storm, stirring the hurricane, flailing the forests, the plains, stripping the dead leafage of yesteryear, sweeping the summer's decay! Dance and exult, beauty invisible, terrible innocence!”

Hera “Tzaphqiel, Bright one beyond veils of the night! Envoy and countenance, thou of the Mother, all hail! Thine is that far fortress of radiance, lighting the drouth of our way: fountain of hope, water celestial, deathless our thirst for it!”

Hermes (Mercury) “Bearing thy truth in thy heart, opal-fire sealed deep and inviolate, over the seven-hued bridge pass to the worlds, share in their variance. Hail to the voice of thy power, speaking all tongues, many in purposes, One in divinity!”

Hermes (2nd Aspect) (Cancer) “Chaos is close at our gates: sure be the wall, strong be the citadel! Now by adversity's fire wrought to endure, be thou our champion: Be thou our shield of defence till, at the last, Tumult shall comprehend, harmony manifest!”

Hestia “Out of the wellspring of forms filling the wide spheres with its fashionings, myriad images rise, wild or serene, fleshly, ethereal: Hail, O thou Eye that hast seen all things that are, Knowledge to gaze on them, blessing their goodliness!”

Kronos “Thine is the Sign of the End, Being fulfilled, Sum of existences: Thine is the ultimate Door opened on Night's, unuttered mystery: Thine, the first hesitant step into the dark of those but latterly born to the Labyrinth!”

Ouranos “Ally of harbourless air, primrose-pale child, shadow-lord azurine, whirling the mill of the spheres, circling their course, tracing their vortices, bright as chalcedony, forth flashing then sped, fervid as galbanum, hail, breath of origin!”

Pontos “Mother of waters profound, dark are thy halls, bitter thy fragrances: Voices of love and of awe call thee: arise, leave thou thy sorrowing! Robe thee in web of thy waves, Mother of Life, robe thee in radiance, sing of thy Mysteries!”

Poseidon “Quietly under the Moon vanishes Day's vaunted automony: Softly the voices of Night sound at our gates, stir from oblivion calling for sacrifice! Lo, children are we all of one parentage: Go we with thanksgiving!”

Selene “Grace of the glimmering night, beautiful pale camel thou journeys, comely with bridle of pearl, cloth of most fair, silver caparisoned: Tracing the trackless abodes, knowing all times, knowing the numberless, seeds of the firmament!”

Zeus (Jupiter) “Cup that receives and bestows, generous palm garnering, scattering, thine are the bountiful rains, thine is the fount purpled and perilous: Thine is the dominion to cast down to the pit, thine to give sanctuary, Yea, to give liberty!”

Zeus (2nd Aspect) (Leo) “Twelve are the boundary-signs framing the bright dragon celestial, Theli or Ouroboros, cycling the world, serpentine, leonine: Thee whom the Thunderer strove vainly to move, mighty one, shining one: Thine be all reverence!”

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