Official declaration of the Aurum Solis

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic, the Aurum Solis has contacted all the brothers and sisters about it. Here excerpts from this letter.

"The spread of this virus is important and it is therefore essential to take certain measures to avoid or limit cases of contamination, for you and those around you. As you have certainly heard or read, it is strongly recommended to limit group gatherings as much as possible. The virus spreads by air but it can remain active on objects from several minutes to several hours. It is also difficult to know immediately if someone is infected. This is the reason why the Collegium Cathedrarum of the Order decided to suspend all House meetings from March 15 to April 30th. We will reassess the situation in the last week of April. This of course does not concern the Houses working on the internet. We suggest that “traditional” Houses organize WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. groups. You can also use Skype. This obviously does not prevent you from meeting other companions outside of a ritual space. Keep in mind that we have a duty to help each other. We invite you to follow serious advices without listening the anti-scientific rumors and superstitions spread by social media. Rely on serious and independent sites and not from local or national political powers. We recommend the "World Health Organization" ( If you have specific questions or doubts about the information being spread, use the private forum. We will visit it regularly and find the most appropriate answers."

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