Official declaration about the recent events in United-States of America

The Ordo Aurum Solis is an initiatory order and a spiritual organization. As stated on our website, there are behaviors opposite to the spirit of our spiritual path: “The following are not compatible with the philosophy of the Aurum Solis: lack of desire to work to your own personal evolution, unwillingness, lack of tolerance, desire for personal and human honors, extremist ideas or behaviors, religious fundamentalism, the belief in the superiority of one sex over the other, or a particular ethnic group over others.”

From the statement quoted above, it is obvious that the Aurum Solis strongly condemns any anti-democratic movement, any violence moral or physical. As our headquarters is located in America, it is essential to raise our voice totally rejecting the recent uprising against our democratic institutions. The climate of violence and the threats against people duly elected is incompatible to the values we defend and cherish.

Many times, in our history, we have suffered persecutions and hatred attacks. Religious ideologies and political extremism have always been the manifestation of darkness while freedom of speech, freethinking, and empathy are the manifestation of light.

As the philosopher Plato claimed centuries ago, politicians should open their soul to the light of the pure philosophy while practicing the highest moral standards possible. During the recent years, the United States has manifested the opposite, leading to the destruction of values essential for the enlightenment of the people and the pursuit of happiness.

It is time now to reaffirm that no matter the country, light must prevail on darkness, tolerance and democracy must prevail on hatred!

Las Vegas - 2021/01/17

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