Meditation and Contemplation

“Let us, therefore, re-ascend to the good itself, which every soul desires; and in which it can alone find perfect repose.”
Plotinus, An Essay on the Beautiful

Theology is the “Study of God(s).” It is also known as the “Erotic Ascent,” in which the power of Love and Desire (Erôs), directed toward Beauty, raises the soul toward the Beauty of The One. This way is well described in Plato’s book “Symposium.”

As the tradition of the Aurum Solis has existed from ancient Egypt until today, two main religious traditions has been in contact with us: Paganism and Abrahamic religions. Both theologies are taught in the Aurum Solis with an emphasis on the Byzantium Empire and the Renaissance. It is worth to know also that some of these teachings are also open to non members. Companions of the Orders can even receive all the traditional consecrations linked to these traditions. 

You will learn more about the Abrahamic religions and the Aurum Solis in the history of our our Order and in the topic of Gnosticism.

You will learn more about Paganism on the page of the Ecclesia Ogdoadica.

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