Our Heritage

Today the Aurum Solis presents all parts of its heritage in a clear and well-structured curriculum accessible to all serious student. Besides this main Theurgic and spiritual curriculum several main components that are part of our heritage work under the auspices of the Aurum Solis. This is a way to offer to the initiates of our Order and the public all the main aspects of our heritage. 

The Grand Master of the Order is the Custodian of these lineages and their teachings, as stated by several of its official traditional titles. We can mention for example: "Archamagus of the Aurum Solis," "Hierarch of the Abraxine communion within the Charismatic Ecclesia of the Gnosis," "Druidic High Priest of the Celtic Mysteries of the Aurum Solis," and "Guardian of the Order of the Green Flame of Albion." Besides the direct transmission from the Order, the current Grand Master has received several other lineages that reinforce the original heritage.

Green Flame

At the beginning of the Aurum Solis, the Order based much of its work on Celtic rituals and practices: the ancient Fire Festivals, Imbolc, Bealteinne, Lughnasadh and Samhuinn. These rites were celebrated year by year and are coming from the origin of the Order, along with Celtism, Druidism, and Shamanism.

These very ancient practices are still practiced in the Aurum Solis in the family circle and as an initiatory process restricted to advanced initiates.

Knights of the Helmet

Francis Bacon was the acknowledged leader of the "invisible" Order, dedicated to Pallas Athena. The members of this Secret Literary Society were known as The Knights of the Helmet. They were initiated in an elaborate ceremony that is supposed to have been one of the roots of modern Freemasonry. 

Having received this spiritual inheritance, the Aurum Solis organizes once a year a ceremony open to every companion of the Order who is also a Master Mason. Library of Masonic rituals are offered to the same companions interested by these archives.


The books written by Denning and Phillips have popularized a new approach of Qabalah, associating late Hermeticism, Judeo-Christianity from the Renaissance, and modern magical Qabalah in a very original way.

The Aurum Solis provide these teachings and practices to its initiates but also to people just interested in Qabalah through courses published by Theurgia University.

Enochian Magic

The books written by Denning and Phillips present original researches on Enochian Magic. Based on the 16th-century writings of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, it is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of various spirits. 

The Aurum Solis offers the option to the initiates of the Order to learn and experiment with this part of its heritage through unpublished material and various experiments.

Fedeli d'Amore

The Fedeli d'Amore (The Faithful of Love) was a group of poets practicing an erotic spirituality, which can be seen as an application of chivalric ideas (including courtly love) to the regeneration of society.

Their system was based on psychological and spiritual doctrines, including a means of divine ascent through Love. 

The Aurum Solis provides to some of the companions these practices and teachings along with spiritual healing processes coming from the Italian Renaissance.


Gnosticism has been very diverse through history. Some Gnostic groups taught and practiced an interesting interpretation of previous traditions, while others were more concerned with rejecting the world and its beauty.

The Aurum Solis incorporated in its teachings some of the most fascinating parts of this spiritual movement that are also accessible through the curriculum of the Order.